Fw: IJP- Opening for Java Sr. Developers with SDL01-02 in Chennai


Hello Friends,

Please forward your qualified and updated resumes to 

Jithendra Grandhi <JG0061164@techmahindra.com>

Last Date - 21st Jan



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Opening for Java Sr. Developers with

SDL01-02 in Chennai

Required Experience:


·          6+ years Exp in Java, JSP<HTML<XML<AJAX (DOJO) struts, Spring, Hibernate


Skills technologies required:


·         6+ years in software development

·         Hands on experience in Java (5.0, 6.0)  JSP, HTML, XML, AJAX (DOJO), Struts, Spring, Hibernate,  Eclipse IDE

·         Experience in implementing large scale, high volume web based applications on Java, preferably on Oracle Weblogic platform.

·         Familiarity with concepts such as load balancing, session management, file caching

·         Working knowledge of Weblogic server configurations e.g. web app, session descriptors, file descriptors, pool sizes, JVM tuning

·         Familiarity with Web Server (apache, Oracle/Sun) , UNIX commands and scripting, CVS, Ant and Junit


Location & No of Openings:  Chennai, 8 Openings


If interested
Please apply through – Mybeat >RMG Page>Openings>IJP

Internet URL - https://intraconnect1.techmahindra.com

Last day to submit your candidature is on or before 21st Jan 2011

Please feel free to contact Anjali Kumari at

 kanjsli@techmahindra.com for any query



Do note that before applying for this role you would need to take an email approval from your IDU head  agreeing to release you if selected





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